Single basestation providing simultaneous, co-channel, GSM and LTE coverage

GiLTE is an innovative solution to allow LTE coverage to be extended while maintaining GSM for CS voice and telemetry.

Mobile communications spectrum has traditionally been allocated in bands for specific radio technologies such as GSM, UMTS and LTE. In many regions, additional spectrum is being made available with fewer restrictions on use such as the UK 1800 MHz guard band.

In addition, many operators expect GSM and LTE to form the backbone of mobile networks for some years to come. GiLTE allows a single base station to provide both GSM and LTE concurrently, with both fully contained within the bandwidth of the LTE signal. This provides a cost effective and bandwidth efficient solution.

The GiLTE base station manages this concurrency through smart scheduling and radio control algorithms to minimise interference between the two signals. GiLTE will work in any band for which the mobile devices support both GSM and LTE e.g. band 3 (1800 MHz).



Single base station providing simultaneous, co-channel, GSM and LTE coverage