A graduate’s perspective

Haydn Evans

February 18, 2021

I joined cellXica as a fresh graduate just over a year ago now, in the role of Embedded Systems Engineer. I have done work ranging from MATLAB-based digital signal processing to implementing specification conforming tests for a new radio platform. I started down the path of learning Verilog-based development where I have written modules for FPGAs and CPLDs, as well as looking at testing and the automation of it.

I am appreciative of the variety of work I have done in such a small time and the breadth of learning that has been possible because of it. cellXica has a great base of highly experienced engineers tackling all levels of communications engineering that have been extremely helpful and great to learn from. I have not felt bound to a tight area of engineering and have been given projects that have allowed me to see a wide area of the work that is done in the company. This has led me to a better understanding of where my interests lie within communications engineering.

cellXica is a company that has allowed me to feel supported and yet free to solve problems on my own. A company that encourages and rewards good engineering. A company producing and developing products on the forefront of wireless communications that I am very happy to be a part of.

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